How to Get Over a Donut Addiction

When I visited Ireland last month, I ate a life-changing donut. Before I found a place to buy donuts in Ireland (surprisingly difficult),  I had been having extreme cravings, so of course, I gave in. After my experience at Offbeat Donut Co., I seemed to develop what some medical professionals may call a donut addiction.

I used to be able to drive past Dunkins all day without blinking an eye, but now, it’s a battle between my brain and my heart every time I see a sign. One week, I stopped every night on the way home and picked up a donut. And that’s when I knew. It was the dreaded donut addiction.

Since then, I have been able to get my cravings under control, and the result is this: a guide for anyone else struggling with a donut addiction.

Step One: Eat Lots of Donuts

Scientifically speaking, eating a ton of food in one day actually has some benefits, and if it can get you to stop eat donuts every day, then it’s definitely a win. Overeating can boost leptin (a hormone that helps with weight loss) production by up to 30%. It also helps to satisfy cravings, which is exactly what we want, right?

I don’t want you to eat so many donuts that you puke and never want to eat them again (although this may work). I just want to get donuts off your mind for a little while.

I decided to try out the famous Allie’s Donuts in North Kingston, RI.

A half dozen donuts I bought to feed my donut addiction cravings

I want to be honest. I didn’t love  Allie’s. Like yeah, they were pretty good donuts, and worth the price, but there wasn’t anything spectacular about this.

Interestingly, after I kept them in the refrigerator overnight, they tasted better. I think the hot and gooey freshness of them (which most people probably enjoy) was too much for me, especially when I wanted to try to consume all six donuts at once.

Step Two: Find Motivation and Start Exercising

Exercising will help a lot with a donut addiction (or a food addiction of any kind). Exercise not only lessens your appetite, but it also helps motivate you to eat better. However, sometimes we have to motivate ourselves to get motivated.

If the fact that you just ate a half dozen donuts doesn’t motivate you enough, I have some tips for you. When I was in tenth grade and couldn’t study the day before my chemistry final, I read an article that told me to list three reasons why you should do the thing you don’t want to do.

If you actually write out three reasons why you should start going to the gym, you will be much more likely to go.

Step Three: Protein and Water are Your Friends

It’s a lot more difficult to have cravings if you are not hungry, so we want to keep ourselves full with protein and water (the good stuff).

Time and time again, studies have found that people who eat more protein are less hungry throughout the day. The same goes for drinking water.

Step Four: Unfollow All Your Favorite Donut Shops on Social Media

I hate to say it. Who doesn’t love when colorful donuts pop up in their feed? ..but out of sight, out of mind, as they say.

Step Five: Find Alternatives

Determine what elements of donuts you like, and find other (healthier) desserts or snacks with them. For example, I love sprinkles, so I eat frozen yogurt with sprinkles! I also love the soft, chewy texture of donuts. Mochi is also soft and chewy, but has much less fat and fewer calories.

Other options include cinnamon toast, angel food cake, and gum!

If you have made it this far in the guide and can still only dream about donuts, making your own donuts may be the option for you. There are plenty of healthy recipes with the same hole-y shape we love.

Step Six: Train Your Brain

I use this little brain trick for everything. It can be applied to so many things, like anxious moments or negative thoughts, but today, we’re going to use it to stop donut cravings. Whenever you think about donuts, immediately think about something else. This could be one of the alternatives we came up with, or how good you’ll look if you stop eating donuts.

Eventually, you won’t even have to remind yourself, and your brain will start doing this on it’s own. This should really help to control your donut addiction.

If you follow this guide step by step, eventually, the cravings should subside. But if not, hey, life is short, and donuts are yummy.

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