How to Sneak Out of the House (and Get Away With It)

A year ago, I never ever would have thought that I would be writing a post on how to sneak out. But then I went to college, and things got crazy, I guess? I SNUCK OUT OF THE HOUSE. And then had a somewhat-illegal cookout on the beach. I am a rebel. And you can be too with these easy tips! *wink*

When I was growing up, my parents were pretty strict. When I started high school, they were much more chill, but I carried on the strict-ness for myself. My parents trust me a lot because they know I would never do anything I shouldn’t. And perhaps this is what helped me get away with sneaking out.

I am certain that my parents would let me do whatever I want if I just asked, knowing that I won’t get myself into trouble. But asking for things is scary, and I would rather jump out a second floor window of course.

Two of my best friends, Micah and Ray, both live over an hour away from me, so when they told me that we were going to go out Tuesday night, I didn’t think it would actually happen. There was no way I was going to drive halfway across the state of Connecticut (admittedly a very small state) in the middle of the night, so I did not properly prepare to sneak out. Here’s what I learned from my mistakes.

Tip #1: Beware of Alarms

How to properly sneak out a window diagram

My main concern throughout the course of this scheme was my family’s safety alarm that chimes every time someone opens a door. While plotting the afternoon of, I decided that the best move would be to crack the basement door open while my parents weren’t home. That way I could get out of the house without opening any doors or windows.

Although I did not end up carrying out this plan, the alarm was continually a concern of mine as the night unfolded.

Tip #2: Have a Backup Plan

Micah and Ray started texting me around 10:00 PM, and I said I was too tired to drive. We decided that they would come to pick me up, and we would hit up downtown Westerly (Rhode Island).

My dad usually stays up later than the rest of my family and takes the dogs out before he goes to sleep. To sneak out, I would wait until my dad took the dogs out and then, open the basement door while he was outside (and couldn’t hear the chime).

I initiated a strategy I frequently use at school: taking a micronap before participating in nighttime activities. I dimmed the lights in my room, so I could keep them on while I sleep, so if I was up and about, my parents wouldn’t be suspicious that I had gotten up.

Tip #3: And Possibly Another

As we all know, things don’t always go according to plan. I was awaken from my nap by a phone call from Ray. They were at a gas station about 20 minutes away. There was only one problem: my dad hadn’t walked the dogs yet. In fact, he had fallen asleep while watching TV and wasn’t going to be taking them out any time soon.

Ray asked me if I could just jump out my window, as that was how he was able to sneak out. My window is right above our back deck and conveniently, the window that my dad was sitting next to.

Thinking on my feet, I thought of another window I could sneak out of. From the window in my older brother’s room, you can get out onto the roof above the front porch. Said roof is held up by pillars, which I thought I could slide down.

Very quietly, I opened up the window, removed the screen, and climbed out onto the roof.

Tip #4: Don’t Miss the Blanket

And as I should have expected, the pillars weren’t exactly within reach from the roof. To be honest, it wasn’t that big of a drop, I was just worried about the rocks in the garden below. Micah and Ray, who had been stargazing in the car, made their way over to the house to help me out.

Micah told me to dangle and then, drop down. However, I couldn’t get a  good grip on the roof due to the slant and crumbly shingles. Micah said that I could just jump, and he would catch me, but I protested.

“Can’t I just jump into that bush?”

“That is a tree. That will break you.”

I had brought blankets out on the roof with me because we changed our plans to have a cookout on the beach. Ray said that they would hold a blanket I could jump onto. So they did, and so I jumped.

Jumping off the roof illustration

As Micah explained it, “I saw you jump, but then I couldn’t see you. I just heard a crunch.” I completely blacked-out for my jump because I was so nervous, but apparently, I completely cleared the blanket and landed behind them in the garden.

It was honestly hilarious, but I think I lightly sprained my pinky.

Tip #5: Put the Getaway Car in “Stealth Mode”

We ran across my yard to where they had parked around the corner. I live at the end of a long driveway with only two houses, so it was essential that my dad did not notice a car driving down our driveway at midnight.

Micah, a top-notch driver, turned off the lights in the car and drove with his head out the window to see the road until we got past the house.

Tip #6: Relax

We headed to Walmart to pick up some steaks, and as we were driving, I was freaking out that my dad would notice the window. Bu I realized that there was nothing I could do now, and I just tried to enjoy the night.

We went to East Beach in Watch Hill, RI. This was a perfect location because there’s only a few houses by the beach, and it was a Tuesday in early June, so most people probably weren’t even there. Using coal and a takeout pan, we cooked steaks and hot dogs. They got a little sandy, but were quite delicious anyhow.

Micah by the fire

After we finished cooking, we buried the coals because fire safety is very important!! It wasn’t exactly warm, and we had to turn the heat up all the way as we whipped back to my house.

Tip #7: Know How to Sneak Back In

They dropped me off at around 4:00 in the morning. I decided I would sleep on the back porch for an hour until it was a reasonable time for me to be “leaving” the house (I wake up at 5:00 most mornings and go to the gym). Our garage door could be opened with a code, and I figured my parents would assume I opened it to leave-not get back in.

It was pretty cold though, and I started to get antsy. First, I went around to the front of the house to see if there was any way I could get back in through the window I used to sneak out of. There wasn’t.

I wandered around the house, seeing if there was any other way to get up onto the roof. Being the observant observer that I am, I noticed that the lock on one of the windows to my garage seemed to be backwards. I thought to myself that the window was either unlocked, or the lock was on the outside, so either way I was getting in.

Upon closer inspection, I found that the window was in fact unlocked, and I climbed into the garage.

Tip #8: Beware of Dogs

I took a nap on some cardboard boxes, and then, at 5:15, I went up to the door to the house, and twisted the door knob. The door stopped when I tried to push it open. It was bolted, and my dogs began to bark at the sound.

I quickly backed away. Once they settled down, I decided to make one last ditch effort and stand on a trash can to get back onto the roof. However, as soon as I began to move the trash can, the dogs began to bark once again.

Tip #9: You Can Never Have Too Many Back Up Plans

I put down the trash can, stuffed my sandy, smoky blankets and shoes into my brother’s hockey bag, and ran to hide behind my dad’s car. Surely the dogs had woken my parents up by this point, and my mom would be coming to take them out any minute.

I heard my mom making the dogs breakfast in the kitchen, and eventually, she came out into the garage. I couldn’t BREATHE. My mom remarked to the dogs, “Why does it smell so bad in here?” and then, walked outside. Stealthily, I walked around the edges of the garage, checked the windows, and ran back inside the house.

Tip #10: Act As if Nothing Happened

I ran upstairs and quickly shut my brother’s window. The screen was too difficult to replace at the time, so I was going to fix it later. I didn’t have a commitment until 12:00 PM, so I immediately took off my smoky clothes and took a nap.

I showered, and before I left for class, I tried to put the screen back on the window. It was actually quite difficult, and I couldn’t do it. I was freaking out throughout class that my dad had noticed the window on his inevitable trip to the golf course, or that my mom had seen it while walking the dogs or on her way to work.

I contemplated leaving the screen off and making some excuse for why I took it down. When I drove home from class though, I realized that the missing screen wasn’t immediately obvious, so I decided to put it back up.

Finally, I am way  friendlier when I have done something wrong, I don’t know about you. I was not sure if my parents had noticed anything unusual or were suspicious of me.

Luckily, my parents would never expect me to go anywhere after 7:00 PM, so even if there were some strange things going on that morning, they were never able to put it all together. I think that it is safe to say I got away with it.

All in all, I was not as prepared as I should have been. There were so many things I can’t explain in one blog post that just happened to go my way. But I hope that this post will be helpful to someone the next time they are home from college and need to sneak out!

Is Visiting the Blarney Castle Worth It?

The one place I didn’t want to go in Ireland was the Blarney Castle, one of the most popular tourist attractions, because I prefer the path-less-traveled experience. However, my mom bought my family tickets, so I really had no choice.

View of Blarney Castle from the ground.

After spending some time at the castle, I was able to decide whether or not I was right about not wanting to visit. Controversial opinion, but I honestly think that there were better things I could have done in the three hours I spent at the Blarney Castle and Gardens.

The tickets are not overly expensive, and there were not too many people there, but the real blow was waiting in line to kiss the Blarney Stone slash tour the castle. I didn’t even kiss the stupid rock (germaphobe over here), and I didn’t want to have to wait in line to look around.

Interior courtyard of Blarney Castle.

View from a window in the Blarney Castle.

“This is like waiting for a ride at Disney World.” It was a weekday and not even peak-season, and we still had to wait in line for about an hour.

The castle was quite impressive, but not cool enough to spend an hour waiting in line for, especially given the number of castles in Ireland I could have freely explored. In my opinion, everything at Blarney could be found somewhere else. However, someone along the way was able to develop the castle into a tourist trap that kept the visitors pouring in.

View from the top of the Blarney Castle.

The real hidden gem of the grounds were just that, the grounds. Surrounded on all sides by white flowers and the smell of wild garlic in the air, you can submerse yourself in a new world while walking along the trails of the magical gardens.

If you explored enough, you could find cows and fairy houses among other surprises. Not to mention hundreds of beautiful plants and well-designed gardens.Forest in the Blarney Gardens.Trail in the Blarney Gardens.

The gardens were dashed with small doses of magic explained on signs throughout the trails. My favorite part of the gardens were a little spot called the “Wishing Steps.” They were a set of stone steps that pass beneath some large rocks while a waterfall goes overhead. Walking up the wishing steps was magical and beautiful.

Waterfall over the Wishing Steps.I asked my brother what percentage of Blarney Castle visitors he thought do anything besides visit the castle and go to the gift shop (which you have to go through on the way out). “Fifty percent. Maybe forty-five.” We saw very few people walking around on the trails, especially compared to the hoard of people waiting in the castle.

View from the top of Blarney Castle.

If you do end up visiting the Blarney Castle, please make sure you check out the trails. I promise you won’t regret it.

While the gardens are beautiful, the Blarney Gardens are not the only botanical garden in Ireland. You could visit the National Botanical Gardens in Dublin or the Fota House & Gardens if you are planning a trip to Cork.

Blarney Castle from the front entrance.

Overall, I don’t think you’re missing too much if you decide to pass on the overrated Blarney Castle. However, visiting the castle and kissing the Blarney Stone are a once in a lifetime opportunity for most people, so you will have to weigh that into your decision.