6 Best Websites for Selling Notes Online

Have you ever considered selling your notes online? This summer, I decided to pursue a yoga instructor certification. Completing these classes can cost around $3,000. A lot of this came from my savings, but I still had to put myself on a pretty tight budget for the summer, so I could afford things like.. food.. and gas. I decided to start selling notes online to make some extra money.

I think that all students should look into selling notes online because you’re already taking notes for class, so you might as well upload them as and potentially earn some money from them.

Organic chemistry notesThere’s two different types of websites that you can use for selling your notes online: marketplaces and what we’ll call elite note-taking websites. On marketplaces, you are responsible for all the selling and all your earnings. You list each set of notes you want to sell, and if people find them, they can buy them for a price you set. You must apply for elite note-taking sites, but they are great because you get paid right when you upload your notes; however, there is no potential to earn any income after this.

I swear I tried every single website for selling notes online that exists, but in the end, I decided to use these six. These websites not only have the most potential for earning income, but they are also the most user-friendly and easiest to sign up for.

Online Note Marketplaces

Stuvia (stuvia.com)

When you Google “websites for selling notes online,” Stuvia is probably the first one that comes up. Stuvia has a lot of users, which makes it super easy to make sales. Unlike many other websites, Stuvia accepts notes from high school courses as well as photos of handwritten notes. I list most of my notes for free or the lowest possible price, which gives me a payout of $0.92. Stuvia is probably the best place to get started in the selling notes online game.

Notesgen (notesgen.com)

I have had the most success on Notesgen, but the recommended price to sell for in $0.40, so I only make about $0.08 per set of notes that I sell. Furthermore, the website was not designed for the U.S. or U.K. (I believe it’s Indian), so it is not always the most user-friendly. However, like Stuvia, Notesgen accepts a wide-range of notes, so almost anyone has something they can upload.

Omega Notes (omeganotes.com)

Omega Notes is super legit. You can upload any notes you want, but unfortunately, you must bundle your notes, so you aren’t able to just upload single notes. Also, your notes will only remain on your profile for 12 months, so you will have to reupload them each year.

Quest Notes (questnotes.com)

Quest Notes is a unique website for selling notes online. They actually give you credits every time you upload which you can use to buy other people’s notes or convert to cash once you have enough. Each credit is essentially worth $0.20, but you can also continue to make commission when people buy your set of notes. The website is super user-friendly, but it can take a long time for your notes to get approved.

Elite Note-taking Websites

OneClass (oneclass.com)

It is super easy to get started with OneClass. First, you upload a few samples of your notes (and you’ll still get paid for them even before you’re an elite note-taker!) If they like your notes, i.e. if they’re detailed and legible, you will be promoted to an elite note-taker. As an elite note-taker, you will earn credits which you can again use to buy other notes or turn into cash. With OneClass, you can earn at a rate of $0.63 per note, and you’re also automatically entered to win all sorts of cool prizes.

If you want to try out OneClass, my favorite website for selling notes online, you can use my referral link: https://oneclass.com/a/2443129

Study Soup (studysoup.com)

To become an elite note-taker on Study Soup, all you have to do is join a 30 minute information session led by a current note-taker. Study Soup runs with your class schedule, so you aren’t really able to upload older notes. They also require you to promote your notes to your class via email, but you’ll get a pretty fat paycheck at the end of the semester.

If you’re interested in getting started with Study Soup, you can use my referral code for an automatic $5 paycheck when you sign up: https://studysoup.com/r/2419130?utm_name=5for5

Calculus notes perfect for selling notes online

I am taking a class this summer, so I have been uploading my notes from that throughout the past month, and honestly, I think that selling my notes online has also had an impact on my learning (in a good way). I am paying better attention in class and writing more examples down because I know that my potential income depends on it!

Once you get past the initial upload, selling notes online is a great form of passive income. Just because you’re done with a class doesn’t mean that students won’t continue to need the information you’re selling. If you’re consistent with uploading, I think that selling notes online is an easy way to potentially earn hundreds of dollars.

If you have any questions about selling notes online, or you know any other good websites for selling notes, please let me know in the comments!

6 Best Websites for Selling Notes Online

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